Learn with real professionals from the imaging sector, and improve yourself with the trainers' experiences.

Intensive summer image consulting and personal shopper course

Non-verbal communication speaks volumes about ourselves. Nothing more and nothing less than 93%. We must be aware that, without speaking, just with the clothes and accessories we wear, we are unveiling many secrets of who we are. To be fully aware of the image we convey, it is first of all important to know oneself. Learning about styling, image consulting and personal shopper will let you asses what body shape each person has to find the clothes that best fit them and the style fits that suits them the most depending on the occasion. The work of an imaging professional is to help the customer’s personal realisation.

You will acquire professional, effective and up to date tools to work with confidence.

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Through our own methodology, you will learn the basics and techniques of image consulting that allow you to identify and assess objectively the client's external image, expression and attitude.


We'll teach you to convey the desired image through dress styling, visagism, colour, personal shopper, communication and poise to advise professionally.


  • Barcelona
  • From 19/04/2016 al 21/07/2016
  • Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 16h. to 20h.13:30h
  • Person in charge: Montse Guals/Elisabet Olivé

Classroom image consulting and personal shopper masters

(See payment terms)
  • Barcelona
  • From 25/07/2016 al 27/07/2016
  • Morning and afternoon from 9.30 a.m. to 2 p.m and 3.30 p.m. to 8 p.m.
  • Person in charge: Montse/Elisabet

Intensive summer image consulting and personal shopper course

(See payment terms)
Classroom training calendar.
The image that is projected is the sum of external image, expression and attitude of each person. To achieve this, quémepongo has advised and trained individuals and businesses for 15 years to achieve their personal and professional objectives + info

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