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Image consultancy looks for personal qualities in order to strengthen and/or neutralize them to achieve personal and professional aims.

Personal image is not subjective, because it responds to objective codes. It is tangible and it can be developed and taught from common guidelines. In Quémepongo, we believe that the best rival you can have is yourself. For these reason, we train you to achieve this criterion.

Everyday we represent a social or professional role and we show our own image.

It is suitable for general public and we offer modular services adaptable to all needs and budgets. The image shown is the sum of external image, expression plus attitude. Hairstyle, make-up, styling, accessories and hygiene are the elements that make this external image.

The expression depends on paralinguistic codes such as gestures, the way of walking and voice. Finally, personal attitude, savoir faire and protocol knowledge complement the shown image.

Improving these three aspects contributes to achieve personal and professional aims and it lets you showing the desired image with your own style.


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