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Corporate workshops, 2-3 hours, want to give companies personal image guidelines. Methodology is merely practical and wanted to pass on the importance to relate personal image with the own company.

We know that every company has its own needs and for this reason we do custom-made trainings


Our training workshops have the following thematic scheme:
  • Importance of personal image
  • How to apply personal image to company philosophy
  • How do we show ourselves and how do the others see us
  • Basic guidelines of styling and poise


At present, more than 300 companies in the whole country have already taken part in several workshops:

Personal image workshop
We try to achieve your own style according to your corporate philosophy.

Expression workshop
(make-up, hairstyle and optics)
We teach you to strengthen and balance your face’s attributes from the correct use of make-up, hairstyle, optics and accessories

Social and business’ poise workshop
In our protocol workshops we work on poise and basic behaviour guidelines in a developed society.

For further information about these workshops, please contact us!