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We are aware that the company value depends on the results of the people that make up the company, the social behaviour and the image culture; these are two key factors in professional development. Quémepongo offers the tools needed for the company to align the image of the people that make up the company with the corporative image.

We answer your daily questions:

How do I dress in the presentation?
Does colour have influence on negotiation?
Which clothes strengthen my personality?

All our programmes are customized depending on each company needs. We do a custom-made service depending on the contents and budgets. The main aims are to motivate, to give incentives and to improve the work group output.
Training workshops:
Quémepongo offers short group workshops to encourage communication inside the company.
  Training seminars:
Training in a company acts as added value for employers and employees.
  Special gifts:
Increase your sales by giving a custom-made gift from Quémepongo.