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Training is a very important element in a company if you are looking for success in both personal and labour aspects. It is a resource that implies more benefits in the company and offers basic communicative abilities to improve the professional results.

Course’s methodology meets the needs of each company or group, combining theoretical principals with practical cases.



We offer the following training courses:

Personal Branding
To executives (directors) and businesspersons that want to improve their personal impact (personal image). You will learn to manage and apply an image of authentic trade brand. It will help you to communicate coherent qualities that will identify the brand of your company. In addition, you will gain visibility and will be recognized as a preferential option in your environment

Social abilities and corporate protocol
This course helps your company to have a plus upon your rivals. There you will find rules, methodologies and courtesy practices that will help you to have a harmonic development of the interpersonal relation, both inside and outside it. It will strengthen your own style and the company or organization personality.

Non-verbal communication
Information is not only given by words, but also throughout corporal movements. Each person has a personality that is communicated through behaviour, the way of talking, gestures, body movements… In this course, we teach you guidelines to coherently communicate your professional aim.

In addition, we offer to all fashion sector companies training programmes of image consultancy and personal shopper, specialized to beauty sector (styling and cosmetics) and fashion retail (fashion, accessories shops and optics). Concretely in cases like chiefs, managers or shop assistants, as well as all employees who need it and wanted to be trained in personal consultancy area.

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